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Chain Mail Ring Mesh Vest
#210 Ring Mesh Vest
Our Price: $189.90

Our base model of Ring Mesh shirts. Still 100% stainless steel welded rings. One of the lightest and most durable chain mails in the market. You may think you know what chain mail is but you haven't experienced it until you experience Ring Mesh.
Cut and Stab Protective Shirt
#210 Ring Mesh Short Sleeved Shirt
Our Price: $199.50

The SS210 is our most popular product! Bringing together the versatility of Ring Mesh and the comfort of your everyday normal t-shirt. We are certain that once your try on our Ring Mesh SS210 you will know how chain mail was meant to be worn.
#210 Ring Mesh Long Sleeved Shirt
#210 Ring Mesh Long Sleeved Shirt
Our Price: $248.80
Updated Price $221.10

The LS210 is designed to be both light weight and durable. The long arms allow for 100% protection of the entire torso from cut and stab injuries. Whether you wear it concealed or decide to show it off, the LS210 is guaranteed to redefine the way you think about chain mail.