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Black Maille

We here at RingMesh are proud to introduce the newest innovation to our long line of welded chainmail products. Black Maille has been something that many of our customers
ave been interested in for a long time now and we are glad to finally be able to give our customers the chance to incorporate it their designing ideas. The Black Maille color is obtained by using a clean black oxide process which leaves behind no harmful chemicals or harsh smells. With little to no residue being left behind by this material, it may be handled and worn without any fear of stains being left on your skin or clothing.
Design Applications

The perfect accent to any home décor, our Black Maille now offers you more variety when designing for any specific project. Use both our Black Maille and RingMesh together to come up with designs that will leap from the page and help you win the bid that you have had your eye on. Or incorporate the two materials into a fashion design that will draw gasps as it walks down the runway. RingMesh has always helped our customers stand out in the crowd and now with our new Black Maille we are certain that your projects will not be overlooked. You have the designer’s eye; we have the material to help you create eye catching designs!

Costuming Applications

We created Black Maille for those of you out there who love to play the villain or the fallen hero; for those of you who live a life on the dark side. Our Black Maille is the same ultra light, ultra fine chainmail that we have manufactured for decades in a new black color. We have been helping the heroes for years find the best and most beautiful chainmail on the market and we think it is time that we help the villains! We felt it was time, not only for us but for you as well, to Embrace Your Dark Side!

We Here at RingMesh are hard at work every day to change the way you look at chainmail. What was once battlefield armor is now a great home décor item or an entrepreneur’s next big million dollar product. We are here to help you think about chainmail in a new way. We are here to bring you Chainmail at its FINEST!


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