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Ring Mesh has been in the protection industry for over 30 years. Today we sell our chain mail products in the form of shirts, tunics, and other accessories for full body protection. Used to protect against injuries from cut and stab wounds, Ring Mesh products are made out of 100% stainless steel with each ring individually welded. Our material goes through strict quality control steps to ensure you the ultimate protection while offering you a premium fit and comfort. Easily concealed under clothing, our products are perfect for on the job protection for law enforcement or any other dangerous job where one has the risk of serious injury from blades or knives. Our products are here to make sure that at the end of the day you make it home safe. Because after all, what is more important than that.*

RingMesh Metal Mesh Glove Shirts/Vests Tunics
Protection Accessories
*Due to our inability to monitor how our products are used, RingMesh and all of its affiliates are not liable for any injury sustained from the use or misuse of our products.